How to get keyword ideas from google adwords (In 10 steps)

How to get keyword ideas from google adwords (In 10 steps)You all must be knowing what google adwords is if you don’t then let me brief google adwords is a Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results, AdWords works on the Quality Score. Quality Score is normally how well an ad keywords, adgroups, and the landing page relate to what a man is searching for, and what are the chances that someone is to click on the ad

Here are some tips and tricks how google adwords will work for you:

1.Firstly you enter your product or service in the product or service box for example if you are a social media marketing agency type social media marketing agency.

2.Then if you want the keywords of your article for your landing page you must give the link for your landing page in the landing page box for example

3.Now select a product or service category to be more specific by which you can get better result according to category you will get for example select internet in internet and telecom.

4.Now when you scroll down you see a targeting option which have different boxes of queries in which you choose things like places, languages, google and search partners, negative keywords. You can target like you wish for example India in places, english in language, google and if you don’t wish for negative keywords don’t choose it.

  1. And just on it is customize your search option in which you can use keyword filters, keyword options and keywords to include for getting best results.

6.And below in date range you can select date from what you want search queries for example last 6 months.

7.After all this you should click on get ideas.

8.After google analyzes everything you will be shown the results according to the queries you have filled. 2 boxes are shown 1st is ad group ideas and second one is keyword ideas.

9.You will get keywords what you want and all the average monthly search, competition,suggest bid and other options will be given.

10.You can add all or manually whatever the keywords maybe given and you can also download that keywords and later by analyzing you can use keywords in your article to make it better.

[SEO Checklist Inside] Here Are The 12 Points For Getting Huge Organic Traffic Regularly For Your Startup.

checklist for seo

1.Heading check for long tail keyword.

2.Content Length – Make short paragraphs inside [3-4 lines max].

3.Keyword word order [using LSI] not more than two percent.

4.Duplicate content Use plugin to check for duplicate content.

5.Image optimization – Use keywords and domain name in alt text.

6.Page loading speed – Test loading speed with GTmatrix or pingdom.

7.Presence of sitemap – Yoast seo plugin automatically create and upload sitemap or by third        party free tools  available on google and generate sitemap.xml and upload it in on search            console.

8.Plugins – Check all plugins working fine or not also install relevant plugins and update them frequently.

9.Category – Select and Create main and sub categories with respect to information architecture.

10.Tags– Tagging with relevant keywords.

11.Local Seo – Make sure the name of city or area where the business serves is there in headline or title also.

12.Authority – Build authority by connecting google plus profile of the author or owner in your wordpress blog.