10 Conversion Rate Optimization Expert you must follow in 2017.

1.Michael Aagard@ContnetVerve

If you are interested in Conversion Rate Optimization then you must be heard of Michael Aagard. He is the founder of ContentVerve.com and current senior Conversion Rate Optimizer at Unbounce.

 2. Oli Gardner@oligardner

He is the co-founder of Unbounce and a passionate international speaker on Conversion Centered Design. He is on a mission to rid the world of Marketing Mediocrity with a psychology of creating a more delightful experience to marketers and customers.

3. Tim Ash@Tim_Ash

Tim Ash is the CEO of Site Tuners and the author of bestselling book Landing Page Optimization. If you want to be a CRO expert then you must follow him.

4. Bryan Eisenberg@TheGrok

Bryan Eisenberg has co-written with his brother Jeffery Eisenberg books Call to Action Waiting, For Your Cat to Bark, both Wall Street Journal, and NewYork Times Bestsellers.

5. Peep Laja: @peeplaja

He has worked with hundreds of company huge and small. He runs blog i.e ConversionXL and co-founder of Markitekt.

6. Neil Patel@neilpatel

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web.

7. Justin Rondeau@Jtrondeau

Justin Rondeau is the Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketers. He has spent his whole career working on optimization campaigns.

8. Brian Massey: @bmassey

He is the founder of conversion sciences and author of Customer Creation Equations. Follow him on tweeter to get all information about Customer Rate Optimization.

9. Joanna Wiebe: @copyhackers

She is copywriter and creator of Copy Hackers. She has worked at Intuit, Conversion Rate Experts agencies.

10. Chris Goward@chrisgoward

Chris Goward wrote the book “You Should Test That”, which redefined conversion rate optimization and outlines how to create business improvements. He is the founder of Wider Funnel, Conversion Optimization Company.


8 Easy Steps to Highlight Domain Search Console using Data Highlighter.

What is Data Highlighter?

Data Highlighter is a webmaster tool for teaching Google about the pattern of structured data on your website. You simply use Data Highlighter to tag the data fields on your site with a mouse.

Step 1

Login to Google Search Console and look for the Data Highlighter, found under the Search Appearance section on the left sidebar.


Step 2

Click on “Data Highlighter”. You will see “Start Highlighting” on the right side of the screen.


Step 3

A screen will pop-up and will prompt you to enter a URL of a page typically found on your site. Start with groups of pages that have similar layouts.


Step 4

Your page will be ready to highlight.


Step 5

Simply select the data items such as name, address,image, category,URL etc.




Step 6

You can add missing tags from setting which is found in the right side of the screen.


Step 7

When you select add missing tags, a screen will pop up to select missing tags.


Step 8

After adding missing tags, save it. Now the page is ready to publish.

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Digital Company[Raipur].

  1. Akismet:

Akismet is an advanced hosted anti-spam wordpress plugins aimed at thwarting the underbelly of the web. It efficiently processes and analyzes masses of data from millions of sites and communities in real time. To fight the latest and dirtiest tactics embraced by the world’s most proficient spammers, it learns and evolves every single second of every single day. Because you have better things to do.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we access information, and today people consume a tremendous amount of news on their phones. Publishers around the world use the mobile web to reach these readers, but the experience can often leave a lot to be desired. Every time a webpage takes too long to load, they lose a reader—and the opportunity to earn revenue through advertising or subscriptions. That’s because advertisers on these websites have a hard time getting consumers to pay attention to their ads when the pages load so slowly that people abandon them entirely.

Today, after discussions with publishers and technology companies around the world, we’re announcing a new open source initiative or wordpress plugins called Accelerated Mobile Pages, which aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.

3.Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tags and code snippets on your website or mobile app, such as those intended for traffic analysis and marketing optimization. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Floodlight, and 3rd party or custom tags from the Tag Manager user interface instead of editing site code. This reduces errors and frees you from having to involve a developer when configuring tags.10

4.Limit login attempts:

Limit Login Attempts for login protection, protect site from brute force attacks.Brute Force Attack aims at being the simplest kind of method to gain access to a site: it tries usernames and passwords, over and over again, until it gets in. WP Limit Login Attempts plugin limit rate of login attempts and block IP temporarily. It is detecting bots by captcha verification.

5.Next script:

This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LiveJournal, Flipboard, Instagram, Telegram, DreamWidth, Delicious, Diigo, Instapaper, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, ok.ru, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(VK.com), YouTube, App.net, Scoop.It, WordPress, XING etc. The whole process is completely automated. Just write a new post and either entire post or it’s nicely formatted announcement with backlink will be published to all your configured social networks.

6.Thrive Leads:

Thrive leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. That sentence is not wrong, but is barely Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. That sentence is not wrong but it barely scratches the surface of what this plugin is about. First and foremost, thrive Leads is the list building solution that’s created by a team of people who are obsessed with conversion optimization. Using Thrive  Leads is like having your very own list building  and conversion expert baked right into a powerful piece of software.


7.Yoast SEO:

Easily optimize your WordPress site with one plugin Real time content analysis functionality and many more features to streamline your site a premium yoast SEO plugin for even more features and support is available.


Schema.org is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond.

Schema.org vocabulary can be used with many different encodings, including RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD. These vocabularies cover entities, relationships between entities and actions, and can easily be extended through a well-documented extension model. Over 10 million sites use Schema.org to markup their web pages and email messages. Many applications from Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Yandex and others already use these vocabularies to power rich, extensible experiences.
Schema.org is sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex.

9.Jetpack by WordPress:

Jetpack simplifies managing WordPress sites by giving you visitor stats, security services, speeding up images, and helping you get more traffic. Jetpack is a free plugin.Jetpack protects your site against brute force attacks and unauthorised logins. We also monitor your site for downtime and keep your plugins updated.

10.Sumo me:

Most blogs are designed for hit-and-run readers. People find your blog, read your article, and leave. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of those people subscribe or share your amazing post?

SumoMe provides free tools you need to grow your WordPress site. This plugin will make it easy for your readers to join your email list, share your articles and optimize with analytics.

[Ultimate guide]How to setup Facebook pixel for conversion tracking


1) Open fb ads manager. Go to Menu –> go to all tools –> Go to Pixel.


2) Go to Setup Pixel.


3) You will see this box, select  “use an integration or Tag Manager”.


4) Select Google Tag Manager.




6) In Google Tag Manager –> add a new tag, go to custom HTML

7) Copy and paste FB Pixel code

8) Go to advanced setting–> Tag a firing option –> once per page.


9)  Install Event Code.


10) Fbpixel – complete registration.



Why Mobile Application Development is Important for Business Growth?

In today’s fast paced world people are wondering what really is mobile app development. Mobile application development is the process of making or creating a mobile application to run on various mobile platforms. A mobile platform is a mobile operating system. Apple’s mobile operating system is called iOS,
Google’s mobile platform is Android, RIM has Blackberry, and Windows has Windows Mobile.
Each platform has its own rules, regulations, and requirements to make a mobile application.

Smartphones and other portable devices strengthen their position each year as the go-to tech for gaming, business, and online interaction. As such, app development remains a hot area of specialization for entrepreneurial coders and creatives.

With a mobile app, you can achieve results you simply cannot with just a mobile-friendly website. For starters,
the app, once downloaded, stays on in the device, while the website doesn’t!

Why do you need to create a mobile app for your business?

It boosts interest: When you develop an app, it gives you an easy way to showcase your products or services to your customers and prospective customers.
Whenever they want, they can just use it as a one-stop point to get all the info they need.

It enhances engagement: Most shoppers cannot resist the temptation of a good deal or a great discount, especially when one stares at their face.
And this is exactly what you can do with your mobile app.

It aids promotion: Suppose you have an apparel and accessories boutique at a central location.
And you know that many prospective customers walk by your store every day. What if you design an app that lures them to your store?

We have a squad of Mobile Application Designers, App Developers and App Marketers conferred boosting the ventures, organization and online financial experts way the view of ending the goal to make an enduring
impression through the fusion of innovation and diligence in the process of Mobile Application Development.

3 best Professional graphic design software recomended by Graphic designer[free download]


  1. Inkspace:
    whether you are a professional graphic designer or a random person who wants his idea to be represented inkspace is there for you.Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor; it can be used to create or edit vector graphics such as illustrations, diagrams, line arts, charts, logos and complex paintings. Inkscape’s primary vector graphics format is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), however many other formats can be imported and exported.
    Flexible drawing tools.
    Broad file format compatibility.
    Powerful text tool.
    Bezier and spiro curves.

     2. SVG-Edit:
One of the best free graphic design software SVG. The full form of SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics, which           is a graphic format where the shapes are in XML. Basis of this, the XML is rendered by a SVG viewer. Most           of the updated web browsers display SVG just like a JPG, PNG or GIF.
3. Vectr:
Vectr is also a free graphic design app. It is collabrative like google docs and work both on web browser                 and desktop as a native app. Whether novice or pro, you can use Vectr to design your next website, app,               presentation, logo, business card, poster, or brochure.


Tips for hiring a web design agency in Raipur

Selecting the right partner for Web design endeavors can be a real challenge. This is especially true when it’s a startup, where there is a dire need to hire a Web design agency that can create the website and manage designs as the need arises.

Programming languages are ways to communicate to computers and tell them what to do. There are many different programming languages just like there are many different lingual languages (english, spanish, french, chinese, etc). One is not better than the other. Developers typically are just proficient at a couple so they promote those more than others. Below are just some of the languages and links to their homepages

Javascript – used by all web browsers, Meteor, and lots of other frameworks

Python -used by the Django framework and used in a lot of mathematical calculations

PHP – used by WordPress

Java – Used by Android (Google) and a lot of desktop applications.

Objective-C – the programming language behind iOS (your iPhone), lead by Apple