Certain Things You Must Know About The Mobile Sites Certification Exam.

google mobile sites certification

Google is launching a new certification program for mobile site developers today. The exam covers everything from the basics of why mobile sites matter to how to improve mobile site speed, effective mobile UX design and more advanced topics like progressive web apps.

  • The Mobile Sites certification exam is available in English only.
About the exam

The exam is designed to test your knowledge of basic and advanced mobile website concepts, including the following:

  • Value proposition of mobile websites
  • How to improve mobile website speed
  • How to create an effective user experience for mobile websites
  • Introduction to advanced web technologies
How to prepare for the exam

Before taking the Mobile Sites exam, we recommend that you have on-the-job experience designing and developing websites for mobile responsiveness and page speed. You should be familiar with web development concepts and best practices, and should have experience creating and maintaining websites.

For the exam, we offer a study guide that is available here, in the Partners Help Center. The study guide covers the different topics the exam tests on. Here’s a link to the study guide.


Any member of Google Partners can earn the Mobile Sites certification. The Mobile Sites certification allows you to demonstrate your expertise to current and prospective clients.

Benefits include:

  • Certificate: Show that you’re a certified mobile sites professional with a personalized certificate that you can print.
  • Profile page: Share your expertise with a Google Partners public profile page that lists your certifications.

To become certified in Mobile Sites, you need to pass the Mobile Sites exam.

Exam passing score and time limit
  • Passing score: 80%.
  • Time limit: 90 minutes.

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