What is a chatbot ? [11 things you must know about chat bots]

1) What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a PC program that reproduces human discussion, chat or talk, through machine learning. Chatbot uses text, audio and graphics to interact with humans.Generally, a chatbot will speak with a genuine individual on your website. However such applications are also being created in which two visit bots can speak with each other.

2) Where Chatbots are used?

Chatbots are normally utilized as a part of dialog systems for different common purposes including client administration or information gathering. It is commonly used to communicate with the user who visits your website. They are used in online marketing to increase customer engagement and drive sales.
What is a Chatbot? [11 things you must know about chat bots]

3)Chatbot Examples: What are some Chatbots example in India?

Engazify Bot, GoHero.ai, Gupshup, ixibaba by ixigo, MagicX, Skedool, Yana are some common chatbots in India making big in the chatbot market.

4)Best Chatbots: Which are the top brands that are using chatbot in their marketing?

Expedia, Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), eBay Shopbot, Spotify, Sephora, MasterCard, Pizza Hut are some top brands using chatbots in their marketing.

5) How can Chatbots help online marketing?

Chatbots, in a general, are conversational computerization devices, an innovation that enables organizations to collaborate with their clients regardless of the time. They provide a response in real time. They can be integrated very easily. Chatbots advertising will turn out to be more famous with advertisers for sending Personalized Messages to meet their purchaser needs. As the focussing on ability is enhancing, it will be an extraordinary advertising channel for client engagement as well.

Using Chatbots you can:

Give reasonable guidance to the purchasers.
React like humans with amending tone, dialect, and intent.
Enhance and increment access to the conveyed messages.
Enable your client to get in touch with you whenever they want.
Offer your items and services.
Utilize it as a payment option.

6) How much does chatbot development companies cost to build a chatbot?

It costs nothing if you use free chatbot building tools like Dialogflow, Chatfuel, BotEngine, ChattyPeople, Telegram Bots etc. But when you hire a professional, it varies with your requirements and the rate of the professional you’ve hired.

7) What are the benefits of using chatbots for your business?

Some benefits of using chatbots are:
24*7 availability
Provides 100% satisfaction to customers
Helps you save money
High customer engagement
Ease reachout
Increase Revenue
Drive Sales

8) How can I create Chatbot from scratch?

You can create a chatbot from scratch in 3 ways given below:
Using any Chatbot building platform.
Develop Chatbot by yourself through coding.
Hire a Chatbot developer or Chatbot developing company to create a chatbot for you.

9) Do Chatbots increase the productivity of employees?

It’s been verified that chatbots expand the profitability of employees. Numerous best organizations are utilizing chatbots to build their employee’s profitability. Chatbots help an employee to keep refreshed with the status, activities and all the data about the organization wherever he is. It is an incredible method to keep the representatives refreshed about their performance and where they slack and thus increasing their profitability.

10) How does the use of chatbots in customer service increases sales?

A chatbot is speedy and feasible, it can handle little issues effectively. From the transmission of product information, to straightforwardly handling basic deals, a chatbot can do both. It likewise quickens customer advantage by giving greater adaptability of choice to the customer. Introducing chatbot in your client benefit settles 95% of the operational inquiries getting through a call, chat, website or social media. This spares time and furthermore the operational cost. It wins client loyalty and acquires new clients.

11) Which companies offer chatbot development services in India?

ODYNS, Hyderabad
Gratitude India, Mumbai
SuperFan, Mumbai
Veloxcore, Ahmedabad
Triskyl Technologies, Chennai
NB Digital Technologies, Raipur


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