Websites for Freelancer Jobs in India

Top 10 Websites to get Freelancer Jobs in India instantly

Today, everyone wanted to be independent and self-employed. Many people loves to do work from home job. For them there are number of websites out there to get a job as a Freelancer but not every website comes up with your expectation. For your ease and accordance, below is the list of the websites which are mostly used by self-employed worker for finding Freelancer jobs in India.


It is a global marketplace type of website where people can hire and work for the project. Freelancer is one of the most widely used websites where employers and employees are work for each other without a particular bond. People can simply come and bid for the projects and the owner of the project can choose according to the portfolio of the employee. It was founded in 2009 by Matte Barrie. Its Headquarters is in Sydney, Australia. Its website is where 470 employees work. It operates its network in 34 languages, 21 currencies in 247 different countries, regions and territories in the World. The top three categories that freelancer supports are – IT and software, Design, Media and Architecture, and lastly writing and content.

Freelancer jobs in India


Upwork is formerly known as Elanceodesk where people can connect globally to each other to work as a freelancer. In 1999, Elance founded byBeerud Sheth, Srini Anumolu and Sanjay Noronha. In 2003, Odesk was founded by Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. In 18dec2013, Elance and Odesk announced a merger called it as Elanceodesk and, in 2015 Elanceodesk is rebranded as Upwork. Its goal to decrease the time in finding and hiring freelancers for which it introduced real-time chat paltform. Its headquarters is in Mountain View, California, United States who’s CEO is Stephane Kasriel. In March 2017, it was reported that there are 14 million users and 10.2 regular users in 180 different countries.

Freelancer jobs in India

People Per Hour

People per hour is one of the leading marketplaces in Uk which is used to hire freelancing talent. The offices of People per hour is in London and Athens which was founded by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris in 2007. The website of people per hour is which was started for growing flexibly by simply hiring the freelancers for handling different projects rather than hiring some agencies or in-house services. It is the UK based company which gives access to business to the freelancer workers who operates those projects in an online mode.

Freelancer jobs in India
People Per Hour


Guru is a freelancing marketplace whose website in In 1999, it was founded as an online clearinghouse for seeking short-term contracts for high tech workers. In 2000, was set as an example which uses the internet for providing new kind of services which employees can able to connect to employers directly. It was founded by Inder Guglani. Its headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Freelancer jobs in India
Guru Registration Page


In Feb1st,2010 Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. Wininger introduced it as a two-sided marketplace platform where people can sell and buy projects digitally to one another. They provide all kind of services like designing, programming, IT services, translation, video editing, and writing. Fiverr is the platform which is different from other platforms because this platform introduced “GIGS” which means for getting hired a person has to make a gig for the services they are providing and the one who is hiring will check different and accept the gigs accordingly. Basically, it is the company which built on the model of temporary listing. Fiverr is the one which started its services at $5USD and can move up to thousands of dollars.

Freelancer jobs in India


The founder of Truelancer is an Indian that is Dipesh Garg in March 2014. Its headquarters is in Asia-pacific region. Truelancer is one of the global community which is trusted by freelancers all over the world. In these projects are posted and people get hired in various categories like design, IT & Programming, Graphic designing, COntent writing, etc. Starting from creating an account , posting projects to finding work all are costs free on Truelancer. People operates all these services on

Freelancer jobs in India


Toptal is the name which stands for “Top Talent”. This company was founded by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott in 2010 whose headquarters is in Silicon Valley, California, US. It is a freelancing platform which connects business and software engineers, designers and business consultants globally. People operate this by using website name This firm helps to develop personality, language, and skills testing remotely of the engineering graduates to increase their growth. By reviewing thousands of applicants it only accepts around 3% of Participants who have to undergo by coding test, real-time supervised coding test and 30 hrs mock test assignment then only they got selected for work.

Freelancer jobs in India


Craigslist is a platform which is used to buying and selling miscellaneous things. It is founded by Craig Newmark in 1995 which started its service as an email distribution list to friends, featuring local events in San Francisco. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. It expanded itself in 1996 and became a web-based company. Basically, it is an American classified advertisements website which divided into different sections of items wanted, housing, for sale, jobs, gigs, resumes, and discussion forums. It serves its services in 570 cities in 70 countries and people use its services by operating its website that is

Freelancer jobs in India

Work n hire

It is a platform which is a generates bridge between a freelancer and Client by which is totally free for posting projects, finding and creating an account. It is developed by Kumar Mukul and Manish Prakash. Work n hire is a product of Work n hire Pvt.Ltd technologies. It is developed by seeing the demand for freelancers in numerous startups and businesses.

Freelancer jobs in India
Work n Hire

Freelance writing gigs

It is a leading website which helps freelancers writer to grow, learn and discuss issues related to writing. The editor of Freelance Writing Gigs is Susan Gunelius who is a marketing professional and author.

Freelancer jobs in India
Freelance Writing Gigs

Top 10 Facebook Groups for Freelancers to get Remote Jobs

Remote tech Jobs

It is one of the smaller groups where around 2500 members are there. The focus of this group is totally for the full time and freelancer developments positions. The main concern is given towards finding the developers to work remotely.

Remote and travel jobs

It is one of the bigger group to get a job as a freelancer. It has 36000 members in its group whose focus is to get general remote jobs. Here you can get different clients who are posting jobs, digital nomads who are asking for advice. In this group everyone posts according to need of the group members so, this is one of the best group to join and work in a remote position in teh group.

Inventive hub

It has over 22000 members in its group. You can work from anywhere and get jobs remotely. Here agencies and companies all posts for the freelancing jobs. Also, people post their portfolio, and remote work-related job posts.

Screw the nine to five community

This is a facebook group which is setup for the people who want to work as a freelancer.It has over 41,000 members in its community. The main goal of this is for lively online community who want to ditch teh 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Freedom hackers Mastermind

It has 47,675 members in the group. In this group mainly for entrepreneurial type people and for the one who want to work as a freelancer.


It is a community group mainly for a female that is it is a female-focused group. This group works for the female freelancers. It works to support and offer business advice and entrepreneurial ideas to the female who wanted to work as a freelancer.

Digital Nomad Jobs

This is a group which provides exclusive job opportunities. It has 26,000 members participating in it. This is a great group which avoids providing useless content or post.


It provides remote jobs and freelancing to the digital nomads. It provides a variety of posts, advice to the people, clients to the employers, and also posts blog about the remote work. It has 19000 members in it.

Remote Jobs and Project for developers

It is new facebook group which started fpor developers who focuses on remote jobs and freelancing projects. Here people are totally concerned with posting 100% remote jobs,jobs for feelancers and projects for developers. It also help developers by posting an information taht is related to learning about the new things.

Social Boss

It has more than 17,000 people in its community. This Facebook community is made for the freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking for capitalizing on social media and wanted to attract more clients to them.

These were some top Freelancing Websites and Facebook groups that can help Freelancer to get hired instantly.

Top 10 Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Services List For Digital Growth [For Business Owners Only]

Here is a list of Top 10 digital Marketing services

Digital marketing services

1] Facebook marketing services-

If you are searching for cost-effective solutions then facebook is the best social media channel as it give us the lowest cost to reach our target audience

also it give us various creative ways like video,gif and carousel ads which make a great user interaction and enhance customer experience

We get  paid traffic of users with lowest cost  as much as cost per click Rs 1 which is very lower side as compare to google search ads and other ad platforms

2] Search Engine Optimisation services-

90% user journey starts with Google search engine as a business owner your organization must be listed in Google my business and all your website pages should be SEO optimised, as a SEO professional the job is to track relevant keywords and make sure all your website pages rank and top 10 positions of Google search Search Engine Optimisation services are generally and done and retainer-based model in which minimum 5 to 10 keywords are managed to rank in top 10 pages,
currently Google search use machine learning and AI so it’s very hard to manipulate their ranking algorithm so you need a good quality content and a proper on page and off page SEO strategies to rank well and the best way to take services is to ask for case studies where the agency have proven work portfolio

3] Sms marketing services –

User, today 24 by 7 connected to mobile devices so SMS channel is again the best way to connect with your customer generally user use DND services not to get promotional SMS

the best ways to use them as inbound channel whenever you have any lead sign up or form fill up you can use SMS to inform

We can also give  WhatsApp links for sending SMS generally  it cost around 10 to 12 p and on transactional SMS it costs around 20-22 paisa,
if you have user database or if you record all your customer database in CRM then you can integrate SMS services and send the scheduled message also today the world is of automation so you can also use mobile marketing automation to regularly connect with your audience

4] Creative designing services-

digital is all about information and today on an average a user is connected at least three to four hours a day in a mobile whether it’s Instagram or Facebook you need quality content in the form of Creative designs or infographics where you can post it regularly on your pages this makes user informed about your products and services and also increase the brand value by consuming quality content in the form of designs

5] Youtube advertising services-

YouTube is the second most search engine after Google search and as video is having 5 time management with respect to blogger any infographic show YouTube ad is again one of the most best channel to run ads as it gives you around 20 paise to 50 paise ascospore engagement also in the form of YouTube you can tell the story about your brand and engage and convince users to buy your product recently think with Google study shows that now YouTube help as assistant channel to aware user about how to use or other story type videos which makes and empower users in their decision and buying journey

6] Email marketing services-

email Marketing Services is again a very important as email is something personal when you want to build relationship and trust with your audience you need to send them personalized messages and offers so email marketing is one of the best tools till date, there are various type of tools and example send in blue, sendgrid, AWS-SES, MailChimp and various third-party tools which you can integrate with your CRM and also with your landing pages and once user registered a lead form you can sequence and automate all your emails from various email marketing tools

7] Pay per click [Search engine marketing services]-

As told about search engine is very crucial and 99% of users and name starts with search but as you take a bit longer time show PPC is a very good method in which through Google ad you can get instant traffic as much as you want but the marketing budget should allow you as Google ads works in a bid An auction model there are many bigger brands who pay much much higher but here the quality of Leads is warm leads as user is having the intention to buy while and social media advertising the user is not ready to buy so there is different in quality of lead and PPC and social media advertising,
through Google ads, you can get targeted and relevant traffic with respect to your keywords

8] Display/banner advertisement services

Display ads by Google is one of the cheapest and having largest Inventory of add spaces as Google AdSense have maximum tie-up with various blogs so you can create an engaging jrf ads or through Google web designer and select the topics and placement with respect to your business categories of an example you can run ads in news category section show the banner ads will be shown only in the news and the location which you have selected it gives us very low cost per click as low as .2 paisa

9] Web Analytics services-

Avinash Kaushik one said that a good digital marketing manager should have a measurement model before starting any campaign you must know the KPI an important Metrics to track so that you can track the ROI, ROAS of campaign
you need to understand data when you start any campaign in any channel you get a hell lot of traffic so you need to understand your user behavior user journey and how the user is acquired from which channel show analytics tools like Google Analytics helps to make smarter decisions and optimize your budget spending, Without web Analytics and not marrying your campaign you can loose hell lot of budget

10] Content writing services –

opywriting is the key to make stories and engage your users so you must have a quality blog where you should aware and assist your target audience and help them to make a good decision for that you need to regularly post blocks in your website so you need content writing services a good copywriting also add value to the brand today the user is very much informed and want more information before buying anything so he check out various blocks videos and infographics to understand the product and services and make smarter and better decision with respect to Google search you need to regularly publish blogs.

Top 21 Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Questions of Digital Marketing for Interview

Digital Marketing is one of the subjects which can be pursued by anyone. The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s not necessary to be technical, not necessary to be an MBA. For the job purpose, it is necessary to be prepared for the interview. For which there are some common, easy and important questions which can be asked in the interview of Digital Marketing.

Doing just Digital marketing courses are not enough for the job seeker to find a job. There is a need for many other things to get a job. From those, Digital Marketing interview questions are one of the important subjects to be ready with.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions are categorized for three different kind of people –

  1. Freshers
  2. Digital Marketing Executives
  3. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing is the branch in marketing where the human can do marketing using the internet. It also includes many types of marketing like mobile advertising, Pay per click ads, facebook marketing, Search engine optimization, etc. These were some of the categories in digital marketing used for advertisements.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers –

Define Digital Marketing?

In simple language, Digital Marketing means marketing of the products and services using the internet.  It can also be defined as marketing which can be done by using electronic devices in various channels. Moving to the upper level, Digital marketing defines as the advertising of the products by delivering them using different channels like search engines, Websites, Social media, email and mobile apps.

What are the techniques in Digital Marketing?

  1. Search engine Optimization
  2. Search engine Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Pay per click
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Email Marketing

Compare digital marketing with Traditional marketing?

  • Using Digital Marketing we can target the correct audience whereas in traditional marketing it is not possible.
  • In Digital Marketing, we can track the users whereas in traditional marketing we can not.
  • In Digital Marketing, it is easy to analyze the users whereas in traditional marketing we can not.
  • In digital Marketing, we can work according to the ongoing results whereas in traditional marketing we can not.

What is important Engagement or likes/followers?

Engagement means public or users are participating in it by clicking on it whereas likes/followers mean to just like the post, for example, Instagram or other platforms. So, both are equally important according to need.

What is Search engine Optimization?

Abbreviation of Search engine Optimization is SEO. Seo means to rank your website in the Search engine organically. To get rank in the top in Search engine it is necessary to have a good content and keyword. Good content and internal, external links helps a keyword to rank in the top of the search engine.

How do you categorize Digital Marketing?

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing

What are the ways in which SEO can be done?

  • On page Seo
  • Off-page Seo

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Executive

What are the tools you use to do Digital Marketing?

  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • SimilarWeb
  • Buzzsumo
  • Facebook Audience Insights
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Analytics

What do you know about Google Adwords remarketting?

Remarketing means to target the audiences who have already seen standard display and search campaigns. The main difference between advertising and Remarketing is targeting the Audiences. While visiting the website there is a special tracking code which places cookies on the browsers of the people visiting your websites and then in the display and search network, it serves ads to those with that cookie on the browsers. It is an important part of the Pay per click advertising. The goal of remarketing is to connect with those people who have an interest in the products and services providing by the companies. There are various ways which are used by marketers to target like how to target best to those people, which website visitors to target, how to make the most of your remarketing ads, and how to optimize these remarketing campaigns.

To generate leads what are the quality that a PPC ads should have?

Expansive – PPC is repetitive so, it needs adapting and growing. Relevance – USe the targeted keywords. Exhaustive – Apart from targeted keywords, long tail keywords are also imporatnt.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a place where Digital marketers pay to run an Advertisement in it. It is made by Google to run Advertisements to rank a website or advertises on Google. This is the marketplace where various companies pay to Google to rank their website on the first which is based on the keyword. The keyword can be found by using the Google keyword planner tool. It is the word, longtail keyword or a phrase which the user wants to find and got your ad on top of the searches.

What are the techniques use to do off-page SEO?

  • Directory Submissions
  • Question and Answers Submissions 
  • Guest Post
  • Article submission
  • Infographic submissions

What are the areas for Keyword optimization ?  

  • Website Url
  • Meta-tag
  • Website-title
  • Headings
  • Webpage Content.

What are the digital marketing tools you use ?

  • Google analytics
  • Sem rush
  • Google trends
  • Keyword discovery
  • Moz
  • LSI Graphs.

Digital Marketing Interview questions for Digital Marketing Manager

What are the key factors needed to make landing pages?

  • Headline
  • Call to Action
  • Urgency and scarcity
  • A/B testing
  • Live Chat
  • Readability
  • Email Workflow
  • Forms
  • Authenticity

What are the stages to make a Sales funnel?

  • Brand awareness
  • Clicks/ Views
  • Interests
  • Leads

How can you measure the successful SEM efforts?

There are many metrics which are used to measure social engine marketing. But some of them are as follows –

  • Quality Score – It means the relevancy of the keyword
  • Click through rate  – It is the number of clicks by impressions
  • Conversion Rate – It is the number of converted goals
  • Cost per Conversion – Amount paid for a per goal.
  • Wasted spend – It means bidding on the keywords that are not converting and wasting the money for that keyword.

According to you, why Search Engine Marketing is important?

Search Engine Marketing is important because –

  1. Conversion Focused.
  2. It can increase Brand Awareness
  3. It is great for local marketing and advertising
  4. It brings more qualified Leads
  5. It’s the quickest way to be first.
  6. It gives you the greatest flexibility

Name some digital marketing Extensions which makes your work easy?

  • Page analytics – An extension of Google Analytics
  • SEO minion – An extension for SEO like what is the ranking of the page, impressions, and clicks.
  • Tag Assistant – An extension for Google Adwords         
  • Keyword Everywhere – An extension for Keyword
  • Grammarly – A Website and an extension for writing content.          

What are the Google adwords extensions you used while making an Ad?

  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • App Extensions
  • Structured snippets Extensions
  • Promotion Extensions
  • Location Extensions

What is the AMP ?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source coding standard for publishers. The aim for AMP is for publishers to be able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsive could be clunky and slow because desktop resources are heavy and plenty. If we’re going, to be honest with ourselves, most of the elements of a desktop website is unnecessary for a mobile site.

How to Setup Amazon SES for Email marketing?

How to Integrate with Amazon Web Services to provide Simple email service?[Updated]

AMAZON WEB SERVICES is one who provides simple email service which used for email-marketing purpose when someone wanted to send bulk messages to 1000 of users at very low cost, it can also be used for transactional messages like if you are doing any transaction and you want to give alert to the user through email/message, Amazon Web Services is used. SES mainly using AWS Services for providing email services. It costs only $0.10 for per 1000 emails and 60,00 mail can be sent under a free trial.

What is the need for Amazon Web Services?

It allows doing only one way messaging like it only can send messages to the user but you can not receive messages from users. You can only receive spams and bounces from the users. For two-sided mail service, AWS has a work-mail. It sends notifications according to the need of users but
It is not a complete messaging solution. It is also scalable as you can increase the email sending limit.

How does Amazon Web Services work?

Firstly in Amazon Web Services you just have to log in to console that is SES service then service nearest region.
There are 3 important parts –

  1. To manage identities – It is used under free trial we can send 2000 emails but after that, you have to buy the AWS to increase the limit.
  2. Monitoring email sending
  3. Configure email receiving – It is only used for receiving the bounce emails.
    First when we will verify domain then we can send the email to verified users and domains only when we are under a free trial. But after increasing the limit of email we can send more than 2000 emails to unverified domains as well.
Amazon SES

How to Verify a new domain to AWS services?

  1. Go to the domain.
  2. Click on verify new domain
  3. Put your domain name then verify it.
  4. After clicking verify you have to create text record and put the name from where you have hosted your domain (like GoDaddy, host gator..)
  5. Under pending verification click on the domain then you have created text record in that copy the text value and text name.
  6. Go to your portal from where you have purchased your domain then upload it in settings and AWS will verify your domain that you are the owner of the domain or not. After verifying, you are ready to send that emails to the verified users.
  7. Again go to emails.
  8. Verify the emails then put your mail there and verify it.
  9. Now you can send mail using AWS SES.
    a.) Go to your portal again, click domain (whichever you wanted to choose) b.) Manage settings then change the host and text value (taken from AWS SES put it there) then save it. Now, text record is set up.
    c.) Refresh it, check your domain and it will show that it is verified. We can send the message to verified users.
    d.)In sending statistics you can check bounces, rejections ( when the user get spams or something). If your rejections are high, AWS got to know that you are sending spam to random people and it will just stop SMTP.

How to send emails using to the users SMTP Server?

1. For that, you need server name, port, use of transport layer security.
2. Click on create SMTP and download the credentials.
3. Make your mail in MS-OUTLOOK which is a third party tool. In that go to Account Settings and click in AWS and fill the required details(copy the SMTP server name, username, password). 4. Login user copy username passkey use TLS. 5. Check by going into test settings.

By this way you can use Amazon Web Services to work as a bulk email service provider.

5 Important Google Artificial Intelligence API’s you must Implement in Your Business in 2019

Important API’s Of Google Artificial Intelligence

For Ai applications branch of google AI is  Google Artificial intelligence research and development, which was previously known as Google Research. There are many products of artificial intelligence is that developed by Google Ai by using cloud api’s. Some of them are as follows :

  1. Google Auto ML vision – It is used for building image recognition by using a machine learning model.
  2. Google Assistant – it is used in android devices for voice recognition.
  3. TensorFlow – For running Machine learning and deep learning it is used as an open source framework

What is Cloud Speech API??

Cloud Speech API uses the machine learning technology that is the technology used for the android recognition feature in Android devices such as voice search in google app, voice typing in the keypad. It supports over 120 languages and also provides high recognition accuracy even in the noisy area. It encapsulates speech recognition models and easy to find api’s for any app developer so that any app can use the voice to text feature in their app. You can combine speech API with other Google cloud api’s.

Google Artificial Intelligence

Features of Cloud Speech API

  1. Recognizes 120 languages and variants –
    Cloud Speech to text API helps you to recognize 120 language and variants, it also supports global language . According to user, they can filter inappropriate content in results for all 120 languages
  2. Automatically identifies spoken language –
    By using Cloud Speech-to-Text  user can recognize what type of language is spoken in the Statement (limit to four languages). User can also use this for voice (such as, “What is the temperature in Germany?”) and giving commands (such as, “Turn the volume down.”)
  3. Analysis of the text transcription for short-form or long-form audio –
    By recognizing form streaming audio or speaker Cloud Speech-to-Text can easily stream text results according to the commands of the user.Also, Cloud Speech-to-Text can able to recognize text from audio which is stored in a file as well as It’s capable of interpreting short-form and long-form audio.
  4. Automatically transcribes proper nouns and context-specific formatting –
    It has tailored to work accurately to transcribe proper nouns and work well with real life speech also has appropriate format of the language such as, dates, phones numbers.While comparing in number of words with whole Oxford English Dictionary, Google supports more than 10x proper nouns than that.
  5. Offers selection of pre-built models, tailored for your use case –
    There are many prebuilt speech recognition models by using them user can optimize for the user use case such as commands, voice.– BY GOOGLE CLOUD

Benefits :

It made easy to transcribe medical terminology, ethnic surnames and around 120 languages easily. This service supports quick response time and also supports users base.
– With the help of this API user can type very fastly and easily
– Most of the time it gets what you’re trying to say.
– It’s the future of typing.
-Automatic Back up
-Automatic failure support


Cloud Vision API is the cloud Application programming interface in which it classified different images into thousands of different categories like popular monuments, animal etc, using that it can be able to identify an individual faces and objects in the different kind of images, and can also able to recognize the words from different images in to different languages and scripts.

Google Artificial Intelligence


  1. Insight from your images – Within the images it can be able to categorize thousands of other objects like flowers, animals, or monuments. Google vision API updates itself with time and with the introduction of new concepts. For highlighting Specific concepts from the images Google has AutoML Vision API through which one can create custom models for that image.
  2. OCR – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to detect text within your images, along with automatic language identification. Vision API supports a broad set of languages.
  3. Power of the web – it uses Google Image Search through which it can find topical entities like Statues, events,  celebrities, logos also it supports Millions of entities, which build the confidence of the availability of recent and relevant new images.
  4. Content moderation – It is easy to moderate the content and detect content which is inappropriate from the crowd-sourced images. This API enables the user to detect different types of content like from adult to violent content, inappropriate to appropriate content which is Powered by Google SafeSearch.


It can extract text from receipts, invoices and images.

1. Label Detection

2. OCR

3. Explicit Content Detection

4. Facial Detection

5. Landmark Detection

6. Logo Detection . It is easy to use as it is easy to access via REST api.


Cloud Video Intelligence api makes easy for you to use api’s which helps to analyse videos that are stored anywhere in the cloud. It can also helps for understanding the content quickly from different types of videos.

Google Artificial Intelligence


1 — Object Recognition –  recognition of the images or objects from the videos is most important and core focus on Google’s video intelligence API. This feature gives interesting facts which include object search video cataloging, etc.

2 — Behavior & Intent Detection – It can detect the behavior of the object in the video, also there are many data points to detect the data intentions and actions in the videos.

3 — Sentiment Analysis – This technique helps to analyze the sentiments of the text by using text analytic stacks. for example – A Video AI system could process streams from a casino camera and determine whether players on a poker game are anxious, happy or acting suspiciously.

4 — Predictions – This ai models used to predicts and calculates the actions of the objects. for example- If someone asks google “Is it possible to rain today?”  the by using this API google will make a prediction that what is the percentage of going to be rain today.


1.Label detection

2.Face detection

3.Shot change detection

4.Video segmentation



Cloud natural language API helps to understand the structure and meaning of the sentences into various languages. It can also identify the sentiments. This API makes easier to identify the most important entities of popular people across the world, also it analyzes the sentiments from texts.

Google Artificial Intelligence


1.Syntax Analysis – It can extracts the information into the relating language by breaking the sentence into tokens and after then again analyze it.

2. Sentiment Analysis – It inspects the text which through which it can detect the attitude of the user and converts it emotionally, that it is making positive, negative or neutral sense. 3.Entity Recognition – It can inspect the text into particular entities like what kind of noun, pronoun, etc it is, and returns information about that entity. It can also detect the prevailing emotions of that entity and returns the information accordingly.  

4.Content Classification –  It can analyze the content and classify the type of content.


  1. The analysis of customer insights  – It can analyze the sentiments of the customers about the brand and their expectations from the brand.
  2. Content classification – It can classify the whole into different categories and builds a relationship by examining people that how they react to different content.
  3. Multilingual support – By combining the API with Google NLP it can reach out to thousands of people in the world so that cloud speech is used to extract insights from different conversations.


The Dialog Flow API is one of the powerful API which allows us to create conversational tools without handling NLP. For including the Dialog flow into different products the Dialog flow API provides a REST and gRPC API which makes easy to integrate the product and API. For creating intents, entities and so on, and then forward the user input to the Dialog flow agent so that it can determine user intent by using the API.





4.Small talk

5.Multilingual support

WHAT IS DIALOG FLOW API??  The Dialog Flow API is one of the powerful API which allows us to create conversational tools without handling NLP. For including the Dialog flow into different products the Dialog flow API provides a REST and gRPC API which makes easy to integrate the product and API. For creating intents, entities and so on, and then forward the user input to the Dialog flow agent so that it can determine user intent by using the API.  FEATURES -   1.Integrations 2.Intents 3.Entities 4.Small talk 5.Multilingual support  BENEFITS -   It can be used to make - a) Chatbots b)Conversational platforms c)Voice processed platforms d)Fast coding e)Natural conversations


It can be used to make –

a) Chatbots

b)Conversational platforms

c)Voice processed platforms

d)Fast coding

e)Natural conversations

5 awesome ways for Facebook marketers to A/B test there ad creatives for higher conversion rate

Digital Marketers

Creatives are a huge part of the ad campaign. I always like to test a few different types so I thought I’d share them with you guys in case you need ideas

1. Plain images of the client – these ones are just pictures of my clients with no writing on them. Make sure they are relevant to the copy of the ad

2. Ads with whatever the offer is written aka free consultation or guide or quiz (make sure it passes the ad grid text) – a lot of people say these look too much like ads but they crush it for me. i like having it have some pattern interrupt.

3. Videos- if you or your client are good on video, definitely test out some videos. attention spans can be short so i try to keep these under 2 minutes. bonus points if you can get it under 1 minute so it can work on instagram too.

4. Relevant stock images- now stock images definitely do not always work depending on the case and some people probably read this and rolled their eyes lol. I used to be super against them. But in the last couple weeks I actually rolled them out to a campaign that needed fresh creative and picked something super relevant and its working pretty well. It depends on the case but if used in a creative and strategic way, stock can do well.

5. Credible images: have you or your clients spoken on stage? have you won any awards? got pics to prove it? pics that position people as an authority usually do pretty well for me.

What types of creatives are working well for you?

5 important points for Digital Marketers for making better Ad Campaigns

Digital Marketers

How a Digital Marketer get better customer engagement?

Digital Marketing is growing at a high rate but with growing at a high rate, great competition and opportunity come in a package. Digital Marketing is not only about making ads or campaigns but also about the ways digital marketers are using their strategies. Some of them are as follows:

5 Important points for Digital Marketers

There are high bounce rates in the landing page for that exit-intent popups are used by the customers which never disturbs customers until unless they are not leaving the website. Popups help the digital marketers to track the customers and target accordingly.

In Google AdWords, categorizing keywords into different AdWords is not the only key but adding negative keywords when starting the campaigns is also necessary as it will help to increase the conversions.

For increasing your Ad Rank make as many extensions like site links, structure snippets, callout, etc which help to convert the user easily.

Categorize the keywords into various AdGroups in an Ad Campaign as it helps to increase conversions rate.

Using GTM, always make event button clicking tag for a call to action button before running ads.

These were some strategies that Digital Marketers should pursue while making or designing their ad campaign.

3 Questions a Business Owner should ask a Digital Marketing Agency.

Ai Chatbot Platform

Digital Marketing Agencies should focus on creating value for consumers in 21st-century. There are a billion of consumers who are connected through digital mediums so digital advertising agencies must always focus on creating value for Driven Marketing and Advertising. There are following planning that best digital agency should do:-


:- user interface and user experience from important points for any digital marketer most of the marketer they know how to run add but they are not able to convert

their customer for them they must understand about user pain and user flow what people think and what they want while interacting with your brand


There are three types of audience in a digital marketing audience are the whom we target to show our clients project. We target our audience in three different ways :-

a. Basic Audiences- It is also known as a core audience in this we have to select our audience manually based on a characteristic, like Age, data, location and also demographic interest and behaviour of audiences.

Ai Chatbot Platform

b. Custom Audiences- In this we have to upload a data or a contact list to connect with our customer in facebook and also in this we have to target a people who already click business or atleast they put on impression in our advertisin it business part of Re-marketing audience.we can also distribute our audience in three parts-loyal and potential customer, web visitor and mobile user.

c. Look a Like Audiences- This is basically from by our customer information to find people similar to them on Facebook in this we have to target audiences on the basis of our custom audience data like E-MAIL PHONE NO.


It takes money to make money. If we want to expand our brand increase our sale and grow our business we have to invest money into our marketing to make it happen we have to invest in digital marketing our business should be very visible in the online world because more potential customer moved online they actively search product online. So first we have to search a people on Social Media according to age, gender, locality from there we get knowledge about how many public who belong to the same category. For example:- We have to sale a tata in excavators for that we have to create a user segment and audience accordingly in facebook and google from them we have to set an audience example there be 90000 people in a single state so our cost for add will be 1/10 of people whom we target that is 9000.

So if you want a digital marketing agency that work with you as growth partner then always ask this three important questions

We at NB Digital Technologies always believe that all above points should be focused whenever we plan any digital marketing campaigns

7 Awesome features an AI Chatbot Platform must have for better Customer Engagement

What is AI Chatbot Platform ?

AI Chatbot Platform is the platform where chatbot is designed. Many Companies have launched their chatbot platforms where different chatbots can be built according to the other company and their requirement. A Chatbot is purchased according to need of the business. Picking the best chatbot platform for your business plays a vital role in your business. Making chatbot is not easy for that you need to create a complicated backend that consists of many concepts like data mining, machine learning, and NLP. For that many companies have developed a chatbot platform that can be used for free or with a certain amount of money for creating their own program according to the need of the business.

Natural Language Processing capabilities

It should have AI ability to interact and interpret with human in the ways humans do conversation


It can suggest answer to the questions according to the previous conversations in situations when there is no information given.

Live Chat

available 24by7 and prompt reply so that It finds the correct person to solve the customer’s problem ans enables the individual conversation with the clients.

AI Chatbot Platform

Account Manager

Manages all the testing, designing, the deployment of the conversational AI and coordination.

Payment request API

It manages the payment, shipping and user’s information.

Powerful Analytics

It analyzes that how many people are interacting and how satisfied they are? Basically it provides the dashboards which is used for tracking purpose.

Trigger Support

According to the users search it sends pop-up message / triggers and redirect them to relevant websites.

All these things should be kept in mind while purchasing a chatbot platform.

we have built bots in various areas like education, real estate ,services and It sector

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You can also find 5 reasons where your Whatsapp chatbot can help your business

How Bank And Financial Companies Are Using Chatbots for Enterprises[Infographic]

find out how bank and financial firms are making use of chatbots

Huge Rise of bots in business specifically in Banking and Financial Industry has been seen in 2018

Bank and financial firms are very sensitive fields and they just have started taking advantage of technological innovations in their daily functionings. These fields are very high traffic fields as high number of users uses bank for transactions and other use . With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and NLP these bots are becoming intelligent enough to understand the user’s intent . Bots for business helps with 24/7 customer service initiating fund transfers, set up recurring payments, check bank statements and figure out a customer’s journey .

AI chatbot for enterprise

Here are few reasons where bots for business are coming up in the financial industry in a big way.

1. 24/7 Customer support

24 hrs support is the primary feature of chatbots. A person can seek help from banks and financial institutes for any reasons like solving queries or any other issues. Not all queries need manual help. These firms spend lot of time and money to maintain their call centre. Integrating chatbot can save huge amount of time.

2. User friendly to customers

A user friendly interface always engage more users, as contacting bank means going through a series of complicated task. Chatbots are designed only to help customers, so user rely more on it and it reduces the complex process like searching for right place or person and even users are not required to enter their credentials in a repetative mode which in turn makes it easy to use.

3. Automated data capturing

Chatbots uses NLP to understand context of communication, due to which it’s an excellent tool for data capturing and analytics. It effectively capture a customer’s current needs, as they can do it irrespective of the mode of communication (website / mobile app). In analytics data captured by chatbots helps banks & financial institute to find how satisfied a customer is and how engaged users are with their services, which helps them to analyze and improve services.

4. Depicts user interest

As we know bank provides a huge number of services and products like loans, cards, financial schemes etc. But customers are not aware of these services. So Bots can be used to introduce new products and services to customers and even test the engagement, and any time an executive can take over the bot.

5. Millennials choice

Millennials are clients with huge buying powers and bots are their preferences which cannot be ignored. Chatbots operate right from messaging apps, support, large consumer market to financial firms.

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You can also find 5 reasons where your Whatsapp chatbot can help your business