LIVE: #RILAGM2017 key announcements of #jiophone by Mukesh Ambani

  1. Jio will give access to unlimited data on the JioPhone. Would cost over Rs 4000-5000 at prevailing rates, Jio will cost Rs. 153/monthjiophone announced by mukesh ambani in RILAGM2017
  2. launches Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone at Reliance AGM
  3. Full Rs 1,500 to be paid for to prevent misuse; refund after 36 mths on return of phone: .
  4. Mukesh Ambani last announced 1:1 bonus for its Shareholders in 2009. Only super rich companies do so that too very rarely.
  5. “Jio added 7 customers per second every day on an avg. Jio adoption faster than even Facebook,what’s app &Skype “
  6. Mukesh ambani Says Rs 1,000 Invested In Reliance Shares In 1977 Is Today Worth Rs 16,54,503 – over 1,600x More Valuable
  7. In the next 12 months, Jio services will cover 99% of our country’s population:
  8. Since the launch of Jio, data consumption has gone up from 20 crore gigabits per month to 120 crore gigabits a month,

    9.In less than 170 days, more than 100 million customers signed up for ‘s services

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