Top Digital Marketing Courses In Raipur

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Raipur

Are you searching for best courses for Digital marketing in Raipur ?then you are at right place

Here is the list of top digital marketing courses in raipur with topics you must learn and upskill yourself for better proffessional growth

We have been practicing digital marketing since 6 years and we provide Digital marketing consulting Services and Training ,

Facebook marketing Course in Raipur

1] Facebook is the best social media platform to market your product and services if you learn facebook marketing properly you can earn as freelancer or can get a job in facebook marketing you should learn about

  • Finding the right audience – you need to learn about all audiences Basic,Custom and Lookalike
  • Laser Targeting – You need to learn Targeting – Demographics,behaviour,Interest,location
  • Finding the right message and adcopy – You need to learn to create perfect adcopy that gives you result
  • A/B testing and optimisation -You need to learn about various strategies to do optimisation
  • Reporting -Reporting through data and storeytelling through data is a skill you must have
  • Analytics- You need to learn anlysing your campign performance through various metrics and KPI

Instagram Marketing course in Raipur

Why Instagram ?

Instagram is having 5x engagement as compare to facebook and is the second biggest social media platform it has billion active users

Instagram is very gud for targeting youth one can become influencer in instagram and sell hell lot of products like food,cosmetics,fashion apparels,e-cbook,Infotainment products ,courses,and many more

In Instagram marketing Course you can learn about

  • Growth strategies- How to grow a page handle
  • How to increase your followers
  • How to run instagram ads
  • How create loyal audience
  • How to find the right keywords for trends
  • How to create posts that engage users

Google ads is a tool to create ads to show in all google marketing platform

  • Search Engine Marketing – whenever you search for any product /services or any brand in google search you see an – you will run how to create search ads that converts
Seo course in raipur

How to run Display banner advertising through Google ads ?

You might have seen various ads popping up screen in various website and mobile app or email all these ads are run by google ads there are various ad sizes for creatives and you have thousand of placements where your ad is shown ,In google ads marketing course you will learn how to run these ads

How to run Youtube ads through Google ads ?

Youtube is the secoond most search engine and drives approx 40% of mobile Traffic ,

You might have seen various youtube ads before playing any video in youtube rite .. So all the youtube ads are created through Google Ads platform only there are different formats and types

  • Bumper ads
  • Trueview ads
  • Trueview Discovery Ads
  • Trueview Instream Ads

SEO Course In Raipur

Google Search is the best marketing channel for quality leads as a Digital marketer Search Egine Optimisation should be on the top priority in your learning schedule you simply cant spend all your money on digital advertising you need to have a regular organic traffic in your website

Search engine optimisation is an art as so many competitors are doing seo and you need to fight with google ML/AI algorithms which is very tough as on every week there is a new google update in there search algorithm So you need to be updated and be skilled to overcome your competition

You need to find a course where you can get a complete theory learning of all topics as well as practicals to learn all the theory part practically

Topics you must learn in SEO

  • How Google Search works?
  • How to write attractive Headlines for better CTR?
  • How to do copywriting and storytelling through blogs?
  • How to setup wordpress and blog ?
  • How to do On Page SEO ?
  • How to do Off Page SEO ?

Digital analytics Course In Raipur

Analyzing your campaign performance is an on going process whether its your ads or users in your landing pages you must have a data driven approach as in digital its all about metrics and KPI

In digital analytics you must learn

  • Campaign analytics- analyzing important metrics and KPI
  • Web analytics – analyzing import web metrics with respect to audience ,acquisition,behaviour and conversion

Email Marketing Course in Raipur

Email is like old telegram, its the best way to communicate with your leads in personal communication with advanced behaviour tracking tools and CRM you can utilise email to sell your product your services so as digital marketer its a very important channel to master the art

Things you must learn in email marketing

  • How to write effective subject lines
  • How to build email sequences
  • How to write emails that convert users to buy your product

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