5 Important Google Artificial Intelligence API’s you must Implement in Your Business in 2019

Important API’s Of Google Artificial Intelligence

For Ai applications branch of google AI is  Google Artificial intelligence research and development, which was previously known as Google Research. There are many products of artificial intelligence is that developed by Google Ai by using cloud api’s. Some of them are as follows :

  1. Google Auto ML vision – It is used for building image recognition by using a machine learning model.
  2. Google Assistant – it is used in android devices for voice recognition.
  3. TensorFlow – For running Machine learning and deep learning it is used as an open source framework

What is Cloud Speech API??

Cloud Speech API uses the machine learning technology that is the technology used for the android recognition feature in Android devices such as voice search in google app, voice typing in the keypad. It supports over 120 languages and also provides high recognition accuracy even in the noisy area. It encapsulates speech recognition models and easy to find api’s for any app developer so that any app can use the voice to text feature in their app. You can combine speech API with other Google cloud api’s.

Google Artificial Intelligence

Features of Cloud Speech API

  1. Recognizes 120 languages and variants –
    Cloud Speech to text API helps you to recognize 120 language and variants, it also supports global language . According to user, they can filter inappropriate content in results for all 120 languages
  2. Automatically identifies spoken language –
    By using Cloud Speech-to-Text  user can recognize what type of language is spoken in the Statement (limit to four languages). User can also use this for voice (such as, “What is the temperature in Germany?”) and giving commands (such as, “Turn the volume down.”)
  3. Analysis of the text transcription for short-form or long-form audio –
    By recognizing form streaming audio or speaker Cloud Speech-to-Text can easily stream text results according to the commands of the user.Also, Cloud Speech-to-Text can able to recognize text from audio which is stored in a file as well as It’s capable of interpreting short-form and long-form audio.
  4. Automatically transcribes proper nouns and context-specific formatting –
    It has tailored to work accurately to transcribe proper nouns and work well with real life speech also has appropriate format of the language such as, dates, phones numbers.While comparing in number of words with whole Oxford English Dictionary, Google supports more than 10x proper nouns than that.
  5. Offers selection of pre-built models, tailored for your use case –
    There are many prebuilt speech recognition models by using them user can optimize for the user use case such as commands, voice.– BY GOOGLE CLOUD

Benefits :

It made easy to transcribe medical terminology, ethnic surnames and around 120 languages easily. This service supports quick response time and also supports users base.
– With the help of this API user can type very fastly and easily
– Most of the time it gets what you’re trying to say.
– It’s the future of typing.
-Automatic Back up
-Automatic failure support


Cloud Vision API is the cloud Application programming interface in which it classified different images into thousands of different categories like popular monuments, animal etc, using that it can be able to identify an individual faces and objects in the different kind of images, and can also able to recognize the words from different images in to different languages and scripts.

Google Artificial Intelligence


  1. Insight from your images – Within the images it can be able to categorize thousands of other objects like flowers, animals, or monuments. Google vision API updates itself with time and with the introduction of new concepts. For highlighting Specific concepts from the images Google has AutoML Vision API through which one can create custom models for that image.
  2. OCR – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to detect text within your images, along with automatic language identification. Vision API supports a broad set of languages.
  3. Power of the web – it uses Google Image Search through which it can find topical entities like Statues, events,  celebrities, logos also it supports Millions of entities, which build the confidence of the availability of recent and relevant new images.
  4. Content moderation – It is easy to moderate the content and detect content which is inappropriate from the crowd-sourced images. This API enables the user to detect different types of content like from adult to violent content, inappropriate to appropriate content which is Powered by Google SafeSearch.


It can extract text from receipts, invoices and images.

1. Label Detection

2. OCR

3. Explicit Content Detection

4. Facial Detection

5. Landmark Detection

6. Logo Detection . It is easy to use as it is easy to access via REST api.


Cloud Video Intelligence api makes easy for you to use api’s which helps to analyse videos that are stored anywhere in the cloud. It can also helps for understanding the content quickly from different types of videos.

Google Artificial Intelligence


1 — Object Recognition –  recognition of the images or objects from the videos is most important and core focus on Google’s video intelligence API. This feature gives interesting facts which include object search video cataloging, etc.

2 — Behavior & Intent Detection – It can detect the behavior of the object in the video, also there are many data points to detect the data intentions and actions in the videos.

3 — Sentiment Analysis – This technique helps to analyze the sentiments of the text by using text analytic stacks. for example – A Video AI system could process streams from a casino camera and determine whether players on a poker game are anxious, happy or acting suspiciously.

4 — Predictions – This ai models used to predicts and calculates the actions of the objects. for example- If someone asks google “Is it possible to rain today?”  the by using this API google will make a prediction that what is the percentage of going to be rain today.


1.Label detection

2.Face detection

3.Shot change detection

4.Video segmentation



Cloud natural language API helps to understand the structure and meaning of the sentences into various languages. It can also identify the sentiments. This API makes easier to identify the most important entities of popular people across the world, also it analyzes the sentiments from texts.

Google Artificial Intelligence


1.Syntax Analysis – It can extracts the information into the relating language by breaking the sentence into tokens and after then again analyze it.

2. Sentiment Analysis – It inspects the text which through which it can detect the attitude of the user and converts it emotionally, that it is making positive, negative or neutral sense. 3.Entity Recognition – It can inspect the text into particular entities like what kind of noun, pronoun, etc it is, and returns information about that entity. It can also detect the prevailing emotions of that entity and returns the information accordingly.  

4.Content Classification –  It can analyze the content and classify the type of content.


  1. The analysis of customer insights  – It can analyze the sentiments of the customers about the brand and their expectations from the brand.
  2. Content classification – It can classify the whole into different categories and builds a relationship by examining people that how they react to different content.
  3. Multilingual support – By combining the API with Google NLP it can reach out to thousands of people in the world so that cloud speech is used to extract insights from different conversations.


The Dialog Flow API is one of the powerful API which allows us to create conversational tools without handling NLP. For including the Dialog flow into different products the Dialog flow API provides a REST and gRPC API which makes easy to integrate the product and API. For creating intents, entities and so on, and then forward the user input to the Dialog flow agent so that it can determine user intent by using the API.





4.Small talk

5.Multilingual support

WHAT IS DIALOG FLOW API??  The Dialog Flow API is one of the powerful API which allows us to create conversational tools without handling NLP. For including the Dialog flow into different products the Dialog flow API provides a REST and gRPC API which makes easy to integrate the product and API. For creating intents, entities and so on, and then forward the user input to the Dialog flow agent so that it can determine user intent by using the API.  FEATURES -   1.Integrations 2.Intents 3.Entities 4.Small talk 5.Multilingual support  BENEFITS -   It can be used to make - a) Chatbots b)Conversational platforms c)Voice processed platforms d)Fast coding e)Natural conversations


It can be used to make –

a) Chatbots

b)Conversational platforms

c)Voice processed platforms

d)Fast coding

e)Natural conversations

7 Awesome features an AI Chatbot Platform must have for better Customer Engagement

What is AI Chatbot Platform ?

AI Chatbot Platform is the platform where chatbot is designed. Many Companies have launched their chatbot platforms where different chatbots can be built according to the other company and their requirement. A Chatbot is purchased according to need of the business. Picking the best chatbot platform for your business plays a vital role in your business. Making chatbot is not easy for that you need to create a complicated backend that consists of many concepts like data mining, machine learning, and NLP. For that many companies have developed a chatbot platform that can be used for free or with a certain amount of money for creating their own program according to the need of the business.

Natural Language Processing capabilities

It should have AI ability to interact and interpret with human in the ways humans do conversation


It can suggest answer to the questions according to the previous conversations in situations when there is no information given.

Live Chat

available 24by7 and prompt reply so that It finds the correct person to solve the customer’s problem ans enables the individual conversation with the clients.

AI Chatbot Platform

Account Manager

Manages all the testing, designing, the deployment of the conversational AI and coordination.

Payment request API

It manages the payment, shipping and user’s information.

Powerful Analytics

It analyzes that how many people are interacting and how satisfied they are? Basically it provides the dashboards which is used for tracking purpose.

Trigger Support

According to the users search it sends pop-up message / triggers and redirect them to relevant websites.

All these things should be kept in mind while purchasing a chatbot platform.

we have built bots in various areas like education, real estate ,services and It sector

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You can also find 5 reasons where your Whatsapp chatbot can help your business

How Bank And Financial Companies Are Using Chatbots for Enterprises[Infographic]

find out how bank and financial firms are making use of chatbots

Huge Rise of bots in business specifically in Banking and Financial Industry has been seen in 2018

Bank and financial firms are very sensitive fields and they just have started taking advantage of technological innovations in their daily functionings. These fields are very high traffic fields as high number of users uses bank for transactions and other use . With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and NLP these bots are becoming intelligent enough to understand the user’s intent . Bots for business helps with 24/7 customer service initiating fund transfers, set up recurring payments, check bank statements and figure out a customer’s journey .

AI chatbot for enterprise

Here are few reasons where bots for business are coming up in the financial industry in a big way.

1. 24/7 Customer support

24 hrs support is the primary feature of chatbots. A person can seek help from banks and financial institutes for any reasons like solving queries or any other issues. Not all queries need manual help. These firms spend lot of time and money to maintain their call centre. Integrating chatbot can save huge amount of time.

2. User friendly to customers

A user friendly interface always engage more users, as contacting bank means going through a series of complicated task. Chatbots are designed only to help customers, so user rely more on it and it reduces the complex process like searching for right place or person and even users are not required to enter their credentials in a repetative mode which in turn makes it easy to use.

3. Automated data capturing

Chatbots uses NLP to understand context of communication, due to which it’s an excellent tool for data capturing and analytics. It effectively capture a customer’s current needs, as they can do it irrespective of the mode of communication (website / mobile app). In analytics data captured by chatbots helps banks & financial institute to find how satisfied a customer is and how engaged users are with their services, which helps them to analyze and improve services.

4. Depicts user interest

As we know bank provides a huge number of services and products like loans, cards, financial schemes etc. But customers are not aware of these services. So Bots can be used to introduce new products and services to customers and even test the engagement, and any time an executive can take over the bot.

5. Millennials choice

Millennials are clients with huge buying powers and bots are their preferences which cannot be ignored. Chatbots operate right from messaging apps, support, large consumer market to financial firms.

As a technology consultant we have built many bots in various areas like education, real estate ,services and It sector

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You can also find 5 reasons where your Whatsapp chatbot can help your business

How Natural Language Processing technology is helpful in Business growth ?

ai google cloud nlp

Let’s see how Natural language Processing and AI works

Google and Amazon web services are investing huge in artificial intelligence almost every product where quantum of data is involved it needs processing to dig out some vital information

Think as a user we are 24by 7 connected by mobile and whether text or voice we generate so many data while talking or chatting with other users which is first extracted ,stored and then analysed using machine learning models both google and amazon web services provides product in there cloud where you can process languages and gain insightful information about users choice

Google Natural Language Processing works

Natural Language Processing technology is a study in the field of computer science in which machine learning models   analyze, understand, and simplify the meaning of the human language.

NLP stands for Natural language processing which helps in interaction between an unconcious mind and concious mind. means a machine and a human. This technology plays an important which makes an easy interaction between a customers and the company.

In one interview based on NLP technology Dr. Narjes Boufaden was giving light on two features of NLP:

  1. Routing ticket :- It is upcoming as a helpful and problem solving feature which are nowadays using by many companies. Whenevr the customer got an issue they just raise a ticket and that ticket is sent to the party who is most able to solve that issue.

  2. Understanding the customer satisfaction :- This technology detects te customers sentiments and according to which it finds the patterns that how much they are satisfied with services which are providing by the company. According to that it helps the business to improve their services.

Google Cloud  natural Language- Derive insights from unstructured text using Google machine learning.

This technique is not limited to this only but it also do speech recognition, word segmentation, text simplifications , automatic summarization, machine translation, text to speech, query expansion, relationaship extraction, truecasing and many more tasks it can do.

For ex: there is a survey done and around 3000 survey respondants were there. From them several questions were asked and the response were in unstructured texts then NLP technology categorizes these responses in to 6 different categories.

Consumers are enjoying this technology because it detects users sentiments and reply according to users needs. As we know that amazon launched amazon alexa , amazon echo which are loving by customers.

So, Business is all about taking care of your customers and also providing as better services as the one can and Nlp technology is one of the technology which is growing day by day as it can resolve consumers problems and also making human work easy.

So if your business generates too much user generated data and you want to analyse google cloud AI is best for powerful text analysis ,entity analysis and sentiment and category analysis

Do let us know if you need any of the technical consulting for your business we have a expertism in integrating Coogle Cloud API services like Dialogflow fro NLP and Amazon web services API Services

5 industries where AI chatbot is helping business owners [Infographic]


Let’s look into some good applications and use for ai chatbots, other than customer service

AI Chatbot is built using natural language Technology using Google AI and Amazon web services it has various utilisation rather then customer support also, it has served several other sectors and have many applications

There are also various type of Facebook ai chatbot ,Google AI chatbot which are used by enterprises for better engagement and customer experience

applications of chatbot
5 business sectors where chatbot is of great use

5 Business Sectors where chatbot is of great use

  1. E-commerce bot : Chatbot offers huge benefits to E-Commerce sites like ordering items, appling coupons, handling queries or return request. It just acts as one complete pack for all e-commerce sites.
  2. Health chatbot : The Health chatbot helps with all health-related query and is also reviewed by specialist with the intent to improve.
  3. Event reservation and Scheduling : Using Chatbot we can book our seat In restaurants and cinema halls or we can even make an appoinment with doctor and can schedule an appoinment.
  4. Weather Forcasting : We have several weather forcast web and apps which make use of chatbot for forcasting by simply putting the city name.
  5. Travel bots : booking flights to having railway or bus enquiryhelping you connect with locals and tourist guides. In Uber we can request a ride and can have all the info related to it.

As a technology consultant we have built many bots in various areas like education, real estate ,services and It sector

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You can also find 5 reasons where your Whatsapp chatbot can help your business

Do your Business Really Need A whatsapp chatbot ?[Infographic]

whatsapp chatbot


whatsapp chatbot is an essential marketing component as it improves the user experience, saves cost and can answer inquiries 24 hours.

how whatsapp chatbot can help your business
whatsapp chatbot

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app and integrating it with chatbot is every user wish

How to find out if you need a chatbot? The following questions will help you to find out- 

Q1>. How frequent your company has direct customer contact?

A> Companies which fall under B2C have higher customer inquiry compared to B2B. If you have a higher number of customer request, you can opt for a chatbot.

Q2>. Does your get repetitive request?

A> If a repetative request is recieved then chatbot can help you with it. It also gives a real-time experience to users

Q3>. How critical are your customer requests?

A> If an inquiry is a simple question, then chatbots are a good choice but if its complex and need human to answer then we can customize by letting the user to first interact with chatbot and then human.

Q4>. Which communication medium/channels your customers prefer?

A>.We need to deeply analyze the mode, from where the customer will interact. We need to empathize and then decide, how they would like to communicate. Is it email or phone or Facebook Messenger or website chats?

Q5>. Do You want to offer interactive customer service 24/7?

A>. Chatbots never close and are ready to answer all your customer’s questions all day and night i,e, 24/7. They are good Customer Service providers.

There are also various chatbot platform and framework to built chatbots it depends upon the choice of chatbot developers

We have been building chatbots using AI technologies like Google Natural language processing and also using dialog flow platform if you want one for your business first make sure your number is approved in WhatsApp-Business API then contact us for the front end and back end development you can know more about here.

AI product updates – Google CLoud Next 2018 on Air


Auto ML Vison – for classifying and predicting images

Auto Ml  AI to go Public beta  two new products till now 18000 had early signup

1]Auto ML Natural Language – the text inputs will be used to test and train model without any line of code

2]Auto ML Translation in 27 languages the text in any language can be translated to 27 languages


Google to push empowerment through responsibilty


Human centred AI and contact centre AI -elevates human talent giving better and faster choices Contact center AI is in Alpha now


Making AI more responsible google laid down guiding Principles focusing on  Customers and Community


Core of google AI lies in enhancing humanity

Opportunity lies in cloud and AI comp


What is Conversational UI/UX? Top 10 points you must know!

ai google cloud nlp

In the competitive race, most enterprises are rapidly embracing conversational User Interface / User experience to communicate with their customers. Most businesses choose conversational interfaces because it drastically promotes user engagement than any other interface.  

Here is all you need to know about conversational UI/UX and why you need a conversational interface for your business.

What is Conversational User interface/User experience?

A conversation design is all about teaching a computer how to communicate or have conversations like humans. A Conversation Design is an outline language in the knowledge of human discussion (like how the conversation would be on pen and paper). The more an interface use human discussion, the less clients must be instructed how to utilize it. It’s a blend of a few plan disciplines, including voice UI outline, association plan, visual plan, movement outline, a sound plan, and UX composing.

“Language is the most powerful, useful, and effective communication technology ever, period.” -Golden Krishna

Conversational User interface is basically a chatbot interface that procedures language normally as though you were messaging or talking with another individual. A normal association with addition, this included PCs, sites and varied applications, is led in a way that expects individuals to tap on various symbols or connections keeping in mind the end goal to get the PC to do anything. It’s neither common nor human-like correspondence, regardless of whether at this point we are quite accustomed to it and expect it.

Gartner predicts in one of its reports that by 2020 30% of web associations would be voice-first or screenless. This discovers approval in the way that conversational UI has today turned out to be significantly more refined than its underlying days regardless of its couple of difficulties yet.

There are two main types of Conversational User interfaces that are being used by the business today. They are chatbots and virtual assistants. Of these, most business websites prefer chatbots.

Conversational User interface does the change to a human type of communication as though a human were to have a typical discussion with someone else. Right now, the two famous methods for connecting with conversational UI is through actual speech, or talking and composing with a chatbot.

Conversational User interface is changing human to computer communications by establishing the authority to interpret and execute on the computer as opposed to the client and leading quests in light of human language rather than a programming language. This move of weight significantly enhances the user experience.

ai google cloud nlp

Why prefer Conversational Interface?

    • They are more personal and realistic.
    • Conversational interfaces are more appropriate for many interactions.
    • They’re available wherever a user Wants.
    • It’s easy for both the developers and the users.
    • Gives a frictionless experience to the user.
  • A user can interact with several departments using a singular interface.

How Conversational Interface enhances the user experience and how it benefits your business?

    • Conversational interfaces are much more user friendly than other interfaces. It provides a friendly interface to the user and hence enriches the user experience for your business website.
    • The user interface is very important for business websites to generate online revenue. Conversational interfaces, when executed appropriately, use human-like assistance to comfort the client and enhance their general understanding.
    • Conversational interface increases better user retention rates, higher conversion rates and more repeated traffic on the business website. And hence helps the business to grow.
    • Conversational UI fulfills the present customer requirement for more instant satisfaction in a quick moving advanced world.
    • By giving an incident that represents human collaboration, organizations can associate with their clients better.
    • Conversational UI enables a business to express their exceptional identity, keep clients connected with an educated, and makes an intuitive and easy to use interface, which will build client trust and devotion.
    • It reduces the cost of investing in customer service support. As the consumer is active today all time whether day or night, there comes conversational bots which are available whenever users are.
  • Conversational UI conveys on client contact requests today and guarantees a better than ever world of online connections for tomorrow.

In the case of executing voice-initiated or advanced speech bots, conversational UI is a fundamental component that organizations must begin to join in contour to be focused in the present computerized world. The chatbot is amazingly helpful innovation that can take client experience to the following level.

Why prefer Conversational Interface?

People are prone to texting 8.3 trillion- that’s the number of text messages sent each year. Around 16 million messages are sent every minute. So basically thats a huge amount of number that is involved in this game.

    1. They feel more personal than apps:This personalization can clear itself in several ways. At its simplest, a retrieval-based approach to conversation is able to create a “choose your own way of work” style of interactions with customers. While the first two or three questions are similar for each user, it quickly takes on a particular experience.

    1. Conversational interfaces are more convenient for many interactions: In an arrangement of customer growth interviews about chatbots and conversational interfaces, we disclosed various kind of interactions where buyers prefer them.

  1. They’re Available Wherever a User Wants: You want a product, service or experience. And that experience can and should be able to be delivered wherever is most convenient for your customers. So wherever your customers are conversational interface enables you to be with them on your behalf.

Benefits of Conversational User interface:

    • Feels more natural than apps: Users connect using text commands in natural language.
    • No need of learning new tricks and methods to interact with an interface: To communicate with a maximum of chatbots, you don’t need to learn something new.
    • Allows personalization: It can be adapted to different types of users.
    • No need to download many apps: Many users don’t want to install a separate app on their phone. One bot can work for many.
  • No judgment: Users trust sharing personal information with a chatbot than with real humans because a chatbot won’t judge them.

User Flows:

Once you start to employ the flow of the user, you may discover that it’s better implemented as a set of distinct steps rather than a continuous flow, for example for reuse of steps, allowing users to jump straight into later steps, etc. However, from a design point of view, it’s good to keep them conceptually as progress.

Where you need to assemble information, this is best done in a low resistance way, allowing the user to provide all the information at once but showing where they missed something. A strict order of gathered information should only be used if really essential. In terms of the progress of design, accumulate a set of data will generally be a single step.

Purpose of chatbot:

Different businesses have a different intention for opting chatbot for their business. Sometimes when buyers search for a product, or information about the company, or contact queries of the company, or some common queries about the product online it is effortless to ask a query via chat than a call. A chat is established on the information collecting process, for customers becomes more personalized. Customers can commonly ask the chatbot for some instruction rather than searching it in different pages or trying to call a customer care agent. Due to these changing customer preferences, advancement of AI technologies, and boom of mobile technologies, many companies have applied for some kind of chatbot for their business, to increase their interaction with consumers, create leads from chatbots, and improve customer’s experience.

The reason why many businesses are choosing chatbot is that it is not only required in building relationships with the buyers but also help businesses conserve a lot of money and time. To stretch a wide range of audience one can comfortably begin chatbot in the platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and other social media platforms.

Some major benefits of using chatbots:

    • Instant customer care response
    • 24*7*365 Availability
    • Less expensive & easy to build
    • Can support in multiple languages
    • Better customer care and quick response increases customer loyalty
    • Standardised customer response
    • Improves customer engagement
  • Automate replies for repetitive queries
We develop Chatbots for:
    • Websites
    • Mobile application
    • Facebook messenger
    • Telegram messenger
    • Slack application
    • Whatsapp
  • Skype

Why choose us as a chatbot development company?

We as a Chatbot development company in Raipur oldest chatbot and software making companies, we have a proven track record in providing reliable chatbot to our clients website. Most of the new clients come from existing client referrals. We take to support one step further by tailoring our replies to suit your knowledge, expectations and personality.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Complete Guide 2018.

What is AI Chatbot and Natural Language Processing??

Conversational UI’s are basically interface based chatbots, which interact with users via text, voice or any other Natural Language interfaces. Natural language refers to the way we interact with people, and automatic manipulation of it is known as Natural language processing(NLP). NLP allows chatbots to understand your messages and respond accordingly to create meaningful conversations.

Also, the better the graphical user interfaces, the better the user experience will be and engage more users. A good conversational UI is a combination of chat,voice or any natural language interfaces and Graphical user interface tools, which uses NLP to convey messages. The machine learns this patterns and improve itself with more interactions. These all processes are collectively called as “Artificial intelligence.”

So, “AI chatbots” can be defined as a computer program to interact with users using NLP, powered by  machine learning and rely on AI for its functioning


Natural Language Processing (NLP) :

According to Wikipedia, “Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP, is an area of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, in particular how to program computers to fruitfully process large amounts of natural language data.”In lamens terms, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is concerned with how technology can meaningfully interpret and act on human language inputs. NLP allows technology such as Amazon’s Alexa to understand what you’re saying and how to react to it. Without NLP, AI that requires language inputs is relatively useless. Computational linguistics also became known by the name of natural language process, or NLP, to reflect the more engineer-based or empirical approach of the statistical methods.The statistical dominance of the field also often leads to NLP being described as Statistical Natural Language Processing, perhaps to distance it from the classical computational linguistics methods.

What Natural Language Processing Does?

Powerful Text Analysis: Google Cloud Natural Language reveals the structure and meaning of text by offering powerful machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more, mentioned in text documents, news articles or blog posts. You can use it to understand sentiment about your product on social media or parse intent from customer conversations happening in a call center or a messaging app. You can analyze text uploaded in your request or integrate with your document storage on Google Cloud Storage.

Insights from your customers:Extract actionable insights on product reception or user experience from customer conversations in email, chat or social media by using entity detection and sentiment analysis.

Multimedia, Multi-lingual Support: Combine the API with our Google Cloud Speech API and extract insights from audio conversations. Use with Vision API OCR to understand scanned documents. Extract entities and understand sentiments in multiple languages by translating text first with Translation API.

Content Classification Relationship Graphs: Classify documents by common entities or 700+ general categories such as News, Technology and Entertainment. Build relationship graphs of entities extracted from news or wikipedia articles, by using signals from the state of the art syntax analysis.

Best of Google Deep Learning models: This API brings to you the same Machine Learning technology that both powers Google’s ability to find specific answers to user questions in Google search and is the language understanding system behind the Google Assistant.


Entity Recognition

Identify entities and label by types such as person, organization, location, events, products and media

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the overall sentiment expressed in a block of text.

Syntax Analysis

Extract tokens and sentences, identify parts of speech (PoS) and create dependency parse trees for each sentence.

Content Classification

Classify documents in predefined 700+ categories.

Integrated REST API

Access via REST API. Text can be uploaded in the request or integrated with Google Cloud Storage.


Enables you to easily analyze text in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Korean and Portuguese.

What Can Developers Use Natural Language Processing Algorithms For?

NLP algorithms are typically based on machine learning algorithms. Instead of hand-coding large sets of rules, NLP can rely on machine learning to automatically learn these rules by analyzing a set of examples (i.e. a large corpus, like a book, down to a collection of sentences), and making a statical inference. In general, the more data analyzed, the more accurate the model will be.

    • Summarize blocks of text using Summarizer to extract the most important and central ideas while ignoring irrelevant information.
    • Create a chat bot using Parsey McParseface, a language parsing deep learning model made by Google that uses Point-of-Speech tagging.
    • Automatically generate keyword tags from content using AutoTag, which leverages LDA, a technique that discovers topics contained within a body of text.
    • Identify the type of entity extracted, such as it being a person, place, or organization using Named Entity Recognition.
    • Use Sentiment Analysis to identify the sentiment of a string of text, from very negative to neutral to very positive.
  • Reduce words to their root, or stem, using PorterStemmer, or break up text into tokens using Tokenizer

A Few Natural Language Processing Examples

    • Use Summarizer to automatically summarize a block of text, exacting topic sentences, and ignoring the rest.
    • Generate keyword topic tags from a document using LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation), which determines the most relevant words from a document. This algorithm is at the heart of the Auto-Tag and Auto-Tag URL microservices.
  • Sentiment Analysis, based on Stanford NLP, can be used to identify the feeling, opinion, or belief of a statement, from very negative, to neutral, to very positive. Often, developers with use an algorithm to identify the sentiment of a term in a sentence, or use sentiment analysis to analyze social media.
Techniques of NLP:

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Top 10 points you should know about Dialogflow.

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What is Dialogflow?

    Dialogflow, formerly known as api.ai is a tool by Google to make conversational AI chatbots. The unique thing about it is that with only basic programming or coding knowledge, one can build a good conversational bot. It works on natural language processing and backed by Machine Learning.

    But before you start making a conversational bot in Dialogflow, you should understand some basic terminologies or sections used in it. To understand these terminologies, you need to create agent, i.e. identity of your bot. If you already have an account, then just go to create new agent, and after selecting required parameters, click on create agent. If you don’t have Dialogflow account, you need to sign up. Now you are ready to learn the terminologies.

1)  InvocationThe phrases or the keywords which invokes your bot or make it available to start the conversation is known as invocation.

2)  IntentsAs the name suggests, it is related to the “intentions” i.e. what user wants to know and with respect to it, how your bot will respond. It maps the users query with the “response” you feed in the respective intent. It has different sections for contexts, training phrases (user says), events, actions and parameters, and response.The intents get triggered on the basis of matched user’s queries and provide responses according to the triggered intents.

3)  EntitiesThey are predefined collection or knowledge bags of Dialogflow which catches the parameters or details which user provides, using which our bot will respond to the user. It helps the bot to get and give “exact information”, as bot understands which particular or specific thing (e.g. – dates, time, city etc) user wants to know about. Apart from prebuilt entities, you can also create entities by your own.ai chatbot in dialogflow

4)  ContextsThe very powerful method to keep user engaged and give a direction to the conversation to create a meaningful interaction. From user’s perspective also, it is very useful as bot don’t need to annoy user by asking him to specify details again and again.

                              In simple words, it can be explained by this example – Suppose user says to turn on red light, in response of which bot says “ok, turning on the red light.” Now when user says “turn it off”, the bot will understand by itself that user is talking in context with “red light” only and not blue or green light.

5) EventsApart from triggering the intents through what user says, it can also be triggered by particular event. Suppose in Facebook messenger or Google assistant, you want to invoke “welcome intent”, then you can do it by assigning welcome event to the welcome intent  in the events section.

6) Actions and parametersActions can be defined as the step your bot will take after the intent got triggered. It also extracts the important information from the whole conversation through parameters which user provides, and show it in the JSON response, which can be fetched to maintain databases easily, instead of going through whole conversations.

7) ResponsesThe output which user will get when he will ask any query to the bot is known as response. In the response section of the intents, we feed the output response which user should get if the query matches the keywords, phrases or the queries we fed in the intent’s “user says” section. This is where we can make our bots intelligent, by using some rich messages, webhook and fulfillment.

Rich Messages: In the Response section, you can add tabs for some of our supported integrations. This allows you to define default or integration-specific responses. In each tab, you can add multiple message types.The integration tabs allow you to add images, cards, and quick replies.

8) Fulfillment: Making bot is simple until you are providing text messages in the  response and the queries are matching…What if they aren’t??

At this point, Dialogflow has the request from the user , so it now needs to request the information to fulfil the user’s request. The data is to be sent to the web-hook so that the required information can be fetched. Once the web-hook has fetched required information it will send it back to Dialogflow so that it can be presented to the user in the desired manner.

9) Webhook: Setting up a webhook allows you to pass information from a matched intent into a web service and get a result from it. Your web service receives a POST request from Dialogflow. This is in the form of the response to a user query, matched by intents with webhook enabled. Be sure that your web service meets all the webhook requirements specific to the API version enabled in this agent.If a request is sent from one of the messaging platforms, the original Request field is added to the response to a query.This format is chosen in order to simplify the response parsing on the service side with the help of Dialogflow SDKs.

10) Integration: Deploying the bot to the platform where we want to see it is known as integration. By default, Dialogflow provides 1-click integrations for 16 different platforms with all the necessary procedures and analytics, which makes it the best and easiest platform for making a bot.


Why Dialogflow?

    • On any platform — Dialogflow support more than 16 platforms from Google home to Twitter
    • Across devices — Dialogflow supports all the devices from wearables, to phones to devices.
  • Around the world — Dialogflow supports more than 14+ languages worldwide & more support is coming.

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