10 hot digital marketing jobs in India to make promising career in 2017


  1. Social Media marketing manager- The Very First digital marketing jobs in India is Being Social Meadia Marketing Manager.Almost every organisation today spend in advertising social media channels for branding and lead generation purpose  for which they hire an agency or in-house  specific person for managing their social media management, this includes creating ad campaigns or managing graphic designer or video editor for their regular feed
  2. SEO/SEM manager- almost every consumer journey start by search as the user has an intention to buy and are curious to know about the product and services and having the presence in first 10 ranks of google search results is the top most priority for any brand and organisation.
  3. Content writer/marketer- if you are into digital marketing industry u would have already heard this phrase “Content is the king” and it is the epicentre of any digital marketing manager whether it is blog or vlog, email copy or designs for every design you need content.
  4. Email marketer/automation expert- Engaging your leads through personal email is a part of lead nurturing process  through personalization and contextual marketing, bulk email  is dead u can only succeed while engaging opt in leads and provide value continues to be connected to long term
  5. Graphic designer- as stated above Content Curation is a must for every brand to succeed so for any graphic designs whether social media post or web banners, posters, flyers or for outdoor hoardings every organisation or digital agency needs a full-time graphic designer.
  6. Video editor/youtube creator-youtube is the second most search after google and video is the most engaging type of content if used effectively it’s the best way to convince and convert users also as Facebook VP products has announced that by 2018 Facebook will also be a complete video app
  7. Digital media manager -several big corporate and organisation hire full-time managers who manage all their digital media buying across all the channels and manage all paid ad campaigns across all search,display,video,email,social ,mobile ad networks  channels digital media marketing jobs salary varies from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs which varies across organisation and it depends on your skill and experience
  8. Growth hacker- People have ideas and then they have the digital products but it’s really a challenge to attain growth from 0 to first 100 users and then scale it to  first 10,000 users startup and those who are building tech products seriously need a growth hacker
  9. UI/UX architect -whatever product any startup is ideating  they are building it for users only and design thinking process is a must for building any product so user interface and user experience is always the most priority thing  for any growing startup and tech entrepreneurs
  10. Digital marketing manager –  last but not least the supreme of all is a manager who supervises job of all above things and it’s an art u need to develop skill to communicate,engage ,copywriting,storytelling and build ,plan and manage all campaigns across all the channels and should master all advertising tools also related to content curation, SEO, email marketing and other third party supporting apps if you want to know a  what does a digital marketing specialist to simply follow top digital marketing managers from linkedin.com or Facebook  and the most important u can anytime choose to work as independent marketing consultant

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